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Lithuanian Jewellery Report
“Amber by Mazukna” already 20 years in the amber market

The company “Amber by Mazukna”, one of the largest enterprises specializing in amber jewelry in Lithuania offering but the collections of the highest quality and unique design, is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. On the mission of the company, successes and challenges, we talk with Aleksas Mazukna, one of the founders of “Amber by Mazukna”.

“Amber by Mazukna” is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its activity this year. Could you tell us, how did it start?
The roots are even deeper. When I studied in the Faculty of Nature in Vilnius University, my interest in amber as a jewellery material with the remaining inclusions developed naturally. I was interested in various stones suitable for jewellery, however, only amber was easy to find and process in Lithuania.

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I place winner – RASMA PUSPURE (Latvia)
The tenth victory

Report by Dr. Jurgita Ludavičienė

  The “Amber Trip” exhibition has been held for already ten years. No doubt, the emergence of this event was accompanied by high hopes, expectations and ambitions. One of the most intriguing ambitions was to exhibit an artistic program alongside with the commercial exposure and producers’ profiles. This led to the emergence of the thematic competitions for artists, where the jewellery works not only from Lithuania but also from Estonia, the Netherlands, Greece, France, Germany and Finland were exposed. This artistic component of the exhibition has become an important part and an additional object of attraction for visitors, who each year were able to observe the implementation of a variety of topics by a number of authors from different countries by means of jewellery.


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LIUDMILA MICHAILOVSKAYA, Project Manager of International Baltic Jewellery Show “Amber Trip”

Interview with LIUDMILA MICHAILOVSKAYA, Project Manager of International Baltic Jewellery Show “Amber Trip”

On the eve of “Amber Trip” X Anniversary exhibition, I asked Mr. Giedrius Guntorius, our General Manager, how far the year 2004 seems to him?
He answered: “The 1st show was successful to all of us. Participants of the show, VIP BAYERS and guests, they all have come to their expectations. We continued our work next years. The show was getting bigger step by step, together with the amount of participants and visitors. The unexpected challenge was the crisis, despite that, WE ALL TOGETHER did not stop, but went and reached this beautiful anniversary – 10 years and decade – this already proves the longevity of the show. It is one more guarantee for all jewellers of the Baltic region. Me and my crew have enough willingness and determination to walk the route that we have chosen.”

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Jewellery exhibition PRADAS
Jewellery exhibition PRADAS. Baltic jewellery

Jewellery exhibition PRADAS. Baltic jewellery will take place in “Stiklas” gallery Utena (Lithuania) in 2013 July and August.
A piece of Baltic jewellery can reveal your personality, attract success, give you strength or be a symbol of belonging to an old, strong and beautiful nation.
 For Lithuanians and in Baltic culture as a whole, jewellery used to have a meaning and took an important part in rituals. Every dash, every dot was referred to Earth, Sun, happiness, fertility, power. Shapes were simple but accurate. Bronze, later silver, was recognized as a symbol of power, luxury, status.
 Did you know that men wore more jewellery males than females? Or that, bells scares away evil spirits?
 PRADAS jewellery restores wisdom of thousands of years. Every shape is meaningful and powerful.

Source of information:

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Kaliningrad Region Russian Jewellery Report
Walking excavator ESHE 10/70
Amber Will Go On!

Mining complex of the Amber Combine is ready for trouble-free operation within the next decades.
Successful combine modernisation is coming to an end.

Report by Svetlana Kalinina

In July 2013, four 30-ton trawls, accompanied by traffic police cars, travelled down narrow roads of the Kaliningrad region to deliver a huge component for completing a modernization of the Amber Combine. The plant has not received such a massive cargo for more than 20 years. Four huge parts with dimensions of 4x8 meters and weighing 16 tons each. The delivery required two special railway platforms; the extraordinary load surprised even experts-transporters.

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Grand Prix Mette Saabye, Denmark
Warmth of the Solar Stone in «Alatyr 2013»

Report by Angele Juodzeviciene

 This year, the international biennale of author works from amber “Alatyr” celebrates a double anniversary – the 5th event in 10 years. An exhibition and competition in which artists present their works that necessarily contain the solar stone takes place in “Alatyr” already for the 5th time. The theme this year is “AquaTerra”. 105 artists from the Great Britain, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Russia, France have demonstrated 241 works.

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Students works
Art and Industry College has graduated the first in the region amber jewellers

The graduated experts were immediately “grabbed up” by employers. This year, for the first time in the region, the College issued diplomas to 25 amber jewellers.
“Last year, we managed to re-equip the College, so, today, the school is well placed to support the academic activity,” says Chemakin.

The next step, according to the Minister, is expansion of the College. “As part of both the state programme and the Federal special purpose programme, design of the additional floor is completed,” has clarified Chemakin.


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Zoya Vasilyevna Kostyashova, the leading scientist of the Kaliningrad Amber Museum
Conference “Amber and Its Imitations”

Report by Angele Juodzeviciene

Within the framework of the Fifth International Biennial of Amber Art Works “Alatyr”, on 27 June, there was held an international scientific and practical conference “Amber and Its Imitations.”
Host of the conference was a leading scientist of the Kaliningrad Amber Museum, Zoya Vasilyevna Kostyashova.

The conference was attended by amber researchers, scientists. It covered various aspects of the solar stone imitations: classes, identification methods, personal collections, considering jewellery shows’ situation of exhibiting amber imitations is natural. Regarding the current situation on demand for amber, the topic chosen was highly relevant. An interesting, historiographical analysis of artistic amber imitations and critical assessment of the situation whereby representatives of the jewellery world take advantage of peak prices for amber and consumer confidence to sell its counterfeits.

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Latvian Jewellery Report
Jewellery collection “Walk”
3 knots 3 wishes

Report by Angele Juodzeviciene

“3 knots wind's” jewelry is special. I was impressed by their bright, relaxing point of view with a bit of mysticism. The company's main markets are in Latvia, France and UK. Many pieces have travelled to Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Norway, Russia, Hong Kong, Canada, USA, Singapore, Japan and Australia.

Motto:”Wear the jewellery and on each engraved wind knot think of a wish, and soon this wish will become true. Or, you can write this wish on a piece of paper for future generations, put it into the bottle and let it float into the sea.”

We are talking with Sigita Truksane, the creator and designer of “3 wind knot” jewellery

Is it really a successful business can be affected by the legend? I've read about it on your website.
The inspiration to create jewellery, we have from all of the positive things around us. The origins of our jewellery we are founding in the legend "Three knots of Wind".

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Polish Jewellery Report
At the “Ambermart” show
AMBERMART - the 14th International Amber Fair

Report by AMBERMART Press Office

More than 150 Polish and international companies will present their products, mainly amber and silver jewellery and valuables, at the 14th AMBERMART International Amber Fair. The Fair is open to the general public so that the work of Pomerania’s jewellery makers can be seen not only by buyers from the world over but also by the local community.
We look forward to having you at AMBERMART, August 29–31, at the AMBEREXPO Exhibition & Convention Centre in Gdańsk.

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Joanna Fronczak
Jewellery is more than just decoration

Report by Martyna Kwak

Born in Poland and currently based in the UK, Joanna Fronczak is a young emerging jewellery designer and maker. Living in two countries and with a passion for travel her diverse designs reflect this rich experience.
This year Joanna was selected as a winner in The “TREND–SCOUT Platform”, which helps to find one’s way in today’s designer tangle. Each year the Platform is enabling one young designer with an interesting, novel and fresh outlook on jewellery and jewellery design to showcase his or her works.
Everything seems to be inspiring for Joanna and as of many people she also thinks that the best designer is the nature which is creating excellent and unique structures, patterns as well as colour combinations.

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At the Jubinate show
The summary of JUBINALE 2013

Report by JUBINALE press office

Once again, Cracow has hosted many prominent exhibitors and buyers from Poland and abroad. During these three days, 2156 visitors arrived to visit the show, including 1895 Buyers strictly related to the industry. 110 Exhibitors presented a diverse offer, which included almost all segments of the industry: gold and silver jewellery, watches, precious stones, designers' jewellery, lifestyle jewellery, fashion jewellery, as well as gifts, packaging, tools and marketing solutions.

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Janjaap Luijt (The Netherlands) Grand Prix
In Legnica we breathe with silver

Report by Monika Szaptowicz

May in Legnica (Poland) every year is the time for artistic jewellery. On 17th and 18th of May  there was celebrated the finale of the Legnica SILVER Festival, the most important weekend of the one of the largest contemporary art jewellery overviews in Europe.  Seventeen exhibitions were inaugurated on those two days, as well as the film screenings, happenings, a seminar, a concert and the meetings with artists in an intimate atmosphere of the recurring Silver party. The Contestation – Revolt – Change conference benefited from a full audience, with a number of lectures by the academics and artists and the screenings of the films on the subject of revolt as a part of the Silver screen cycle.

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Watches and jewellery in the Polish market – Summary of the year 2012

Report by Jolanta Tokarczyk

Manufacture of jewellery and related products
In the end of 2012, as many as 4010 enterprises were involved in manufacture of jewellery and related products – thus pearl treatment, stone polish as well as jewellery manufacture from precious and non-precious metals, except artificial jewellery – as the data of Central Statistical Office shows. Most companies (over 900) had their business in Pomerania, which is not surprising taking into account access to the natural jewellery material being there, i.e. amber. 869 of the companies ran small and family businesses, and 32 entrepreneurs employed from 10 to 49 employees.

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Estonian Jewellery Report
Vadim Antonov, Manger of Company “V&G Anton”
We feel comfortable

Interview of Angele Juodzeviciene with Vadim Antonov, Manger of Company “V&G Anton”

Once, I asked the head of the Assay Office of Estonia, Yelena Muhomedova, any interesting and promising jewellery companies, she would recommend for an interview – she called the name of Your company. So, what is interesting and unique about You?
We constantly produce something new. We have a small team, yet, a plenty of ideas. Each new theme can be used to the best effect in main types of articles and to compose a collection. But we are short of hands. Custom orders dislocate us constantly in terms of ideas. Therefore, we are always in search of new solutions. Catching a cool design, in our opinion, might result in manufacture of a bucket of identical articles, losing ourselves in mass production what is easier, nevertheless, every day, our small team meets new challenges. We don’t have time to be bored. People visit our workshop like a tailor for trying-on, several times. This is the way we achieve customised solutions. We take into account everything: height, weight, eye colour, and, of course, the purpose for which the article is manufactured. Together with clients, we find the best solution for them, thus, they may count upon exclusive products.

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Treated and synthetic diamonds: can you identify them yourself?


CVD synthetic diamond

Report by J. Van Royen, HRD Antwerp - Research


The influence of modern technology on the gem diamond world is becoming more and more
important. Treated and synthetic diamonds are appearing on the market in increasing numbers, and
their identification generally requires sophisticated technology and highly specialized knowledge.
Yet, in some cases an experienced professional can still identify treated, synthetic or at least
.suspect. stones, without the use of extremely expensive or complicated instruments. In a series of
short contributions we illustrate some cases in which this is possible.

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A copy of Russia’s Great Imperial Crown, produced by the Smolensk Diamond Group
3D printing opportunities

Report by Jenna Franklin
EnvisionTEC GmbH

Designing in 3D permits countless opportunities to non-destructively explore variations or make changes according to each client’s individual needs.  Among 3D printers, the EnvisionTEC Perfactory®  produces models with outstanding surface on top of astonishing detail that can then be direct cast or molded. 

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Perfactory® Aureus

The Aureus is the best-selling machine for the low production of customized jewelry with
its unbeatable price to performance ratio. The Aureus is the perfect choice for the small to
medium sized company looking to fill their 3D printing production requirements. With the ability
to run unattended, 24 hour production is achievable. The Aureus can run a variety of materials
for direct casting, hot rubber, and silicone molding. There are no limits to geometric complexity
as long as the item has been designed in a 3D CAD program and may be exported as an STL
file. The machines are delivered and installed with all the relevant software to enable automatic
support generation and perfect model production. Resolution and surface finish remains
constant over the entire build area due to patented technology based on voxelisation.

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Belarusian Jewellery Report
"Crystal Holding" jewellery
Jewellery holding company

Thus, at the online conference on BELTA website, activities of a unified retail chain of the jewellery holding company have been evaluated by Aleksandr Rimarovich, Head of the Regulatory Control Department of the General Directorate for Precious Metals and Precious Stones under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Belarus.
The jewellery holding company “Crystal Holding” was established on the basis of three public organizations in jewellery industry: JSC “Gomel PO “Crystal” (managing company), JSC “Belyuvelirtorg,” and CJSC “Belgran.” It was incorporated in September 2012. Currently, the holding company is dynamically developing and, despite the relatively short period of operation, demonstrating an impressive economic performance.

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Germany Jewellery Report
At the Munish Show
Germany is a well-established market for gems and jewellery

Report by Angele Juodzeviciene

In 2013  Munich Show - Mineralientage München  are celebrating 50 years anniversary.
The Munich Show is Europe's leading trade fair for minerals, fossils, gems and jewellery. Last year 1270 exhibitors from 64 nations took part in this business and networking event for beautiful stones.

About the jewelry market in Germany and China, we are talking with Mr. Jens Rodel - marketing manager of the Munich how

In May you were visited First China (Changsha) Mineral & Gem Show, how do you evaluate this start?

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Intergem 2012
INTERGEM 2013 – The home of gemstones

Report by INTERGEM Press Office

The 29th edition of the INTERGEM, the international trade fair for gemstones, jewellery and gemstone objects is ready to take off from October 3rd – 6th 2013. Once again jewellers, goldsmiths and jewellery producers will be sure to find jewels at their best, with a vast variety ranging from gemstones to pearls, jewellery and technology. Highest quality and a widespread offer is the INTERGEM'S unique selling point.

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The Sensority Room at the "Mizgiris' Amber Museum"
You get as much as you give

Report by Angelė Juodzevičienė

This year the International Amber Association Award “Amber Business Partner 2012” was given to Virginija and Kazimieras Mizgiriai, the owners of "The Mizgiri’s Amber Museum" in Nida and Vilnius (Lithuania).

Virginija Mizgirienė’s answer to the question “How do you value “Amber Business Partner 2012” award?” was very simple: “You get as much you give”. Kazimieras  gave a little bit wider answer: “It is your evaluation for your honest work, reasonable selection of collections, timely settlement, … and many different nuances.”

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Danish Jewellery Report
Pia Fons , Managing Direktor of ”House of Amber”
“House of Amber” celebrates 80 years anniversary

2013 represents a milestone in “House of Amber's” history as the company this year celebrates its 80 years anniversary.
“House of Amber” was founded in 1933 by Einar Fehrn. With his son, Soren, he designed the most beautiful amber jewellery; Danish design of the highest quality. In 2007, Dansk Generationsskifte A/S was given the opportunity to continue the family's lifelong work. “House of Amber” has continued in the same spirit of dedication to quality and of love to the amazing amber stone.

Today the company is one of the oldest and largest producers of exclusive amber jewellery in the world. With more than 40 shops in Denmark and China, “House of Amber” has established itself as a strong luxury jewellery brand.

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Danish designer Louise Sigvardt collection
Detail of the minimalism – collection of “House of Amber”

“House of Amber” is proud to present new and exciting design collaboration with Danish designer Louise Sigvardt. Her collection consisted of an unconventional clothing collection with fixed amber studs in collaboration with “House of Amber”.
Louise Sigvardt received the “Designers’ Nest” award in 2012. The competition was established in 2005 and takes place during Copenhagen Fashion Week.
It rewards the best young and talented designers in Scandinavia.
Louise Sigvardt is a minimalist and she likes the way every detail of the minimalism embraces a practical or logical aspect. Minimalist design reminds her about a mathematical equation, which is very recognizable in her creations for “House of Amber”. The designs are inno­vative, modern and unique.

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Sonam Kapoor at the Grand Finale of IIJW 2013
India International Jewellery Week

IIJW 2013 is an initiative to showcase India’s finest in jewellery, be it design or innovation, supported by top-of-the-line craftsmanship, technology and quality to the customers around the globe.
India, with its ability to create most intrinsic and inspired jewellery, has made bold statements across the globe.
 IIJW is an attempt to provide an international platform to India’s budding and leading designers and also design houses to unveil their fascinating, classic and contemporary jewellery collections to the world jewellery market; thereby establishing India as the most sought after destination for quality jewellery.

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