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Surveillance jewellery

Amber Trip art jewellery contest 2021 theme – Surveillance jewellery. Surveillance cameras that indicate traffic, tracking of people who were exposed to COVID 19, facial recognition in airports, discussions about Huawei all over internet – Surveillance is the topic that brings us to discussions from its benefits to privacy breach.


Chairman of jury Laima Kerienė, professor at Vilnius Art Academy, jewellery artist.


The deadline for competition artworks is 1st of May. The works will be exhibited during Amber Trip exhibition 18-21st of August.

Please send your work to Aušros Vartų g. 15-10, Vilnius 01304, Lithuania.


Please fill in application form:


Laima Kėrienė – Head of the Jury (Lithuania)

Lithuanian metal artist, member of Lithuanian Artist‘s Association, a professor in Vilnius Academy of Arts Metal Art and Jewellery Department. Interest fields: small plastics, sacramental art, art jewellery. Is an active participant of metal symposiums, group exhibitions.

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