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Amber, Changing Lives of Modern People

Sergey, amber is more than 50 million years old. For how long have the humanity been using this god-given mineral?

(Chairman of CSTI of Amber Council. Kaliningrad. Sergey Petrov: The anomalous amber deposit in the Baltic Sea was formed in the conditions of planetary catastrophes. It preserved the information and energy of the ancient worlds, the Paradise, and the origin of life. Your question is tricky. For the whole history of mankind no one has succeeded in disclosing the source of information about life on Earth, known to us as the Baltic amber. There are no analogues to amber, this "living mineral" hugely benefiting the human body. Since ancient times, amber, or alatyr-kamyen, as they called it in Ancient Rus, meaning "the father of all stones", is known as an object of worship, a talisman, an ornament. However, medieval alchemists saw much more in amber than jewelers. They have been conducting experiments, studying its possible benefits for the human health, trying to reveal the secrets of the mysterious fossil.

The most common known use of amber as a healing substance is wearing untreated, unpolished bead necklace. It is believed that this decoration can treat the thyroid gland.

Amber is a product for health and better living!

Sergey, in your opinion, in what way amber is different from, say, diamonds or jasper? How is it unique?

Unique means "one-of-a-kind", "special". Only at the Baltic sea coastline one can find a unique deposit of succinite, amber with distinctive morphology, and associated resources such as salts, glauconites and mineral water. (S. Savkevich) The new market for "the gifts of the Earth's Paradise period" is still developing, and is not subject to synthesis or duplication of a wide range of discovered unique properties of natural Baltic amber.

There are no analogues to amber, this "living mineral" hugely benefiting the human body.

Amber is a product for health and better living!

  • Uniqueness. No one except the members of our technological cluster of the CSTI of Amber possesses such complex technologies of processing and using amber!

  • Our specialists of the amber cluster of CSTI of Amber have developed wellness techniques. Also, thanks to the available technologies, they can offer an immersion into the new world of the Earth's Paradise period!

  • Today most of the well-known branded amber products on the market are imitations or falsifications of products with insufficient elaboration and quality. Or it can be that they are just outdated copies of our work without a clear repeatability and without development, preparation and allocation of special groups of amber.

  • The amber wellness techniques we developed are aimed at bringing sustainable benefits for health. The most elaborate needs are satisfied through all forms of perception – form, color, smell, sound, and radiation of heat and healing energy of amber.

  • Amber is good for health, strength and energy, and it is a treatment for incurable diseases. This is an element of the new biostatic medicine and cosmetology.

  • We do not produce the entire package of invented products in for mass market at the moment. The reason for this is that the consumer market is not ready, the producer's rights are poorly protected, and regulatory laws against fakes and falsifications do not exist. The package of technologies allows the market evolve over the next 50-100 years. So far, we are forced to artificially restrain the production of innovative products to ensure the safety of traditional amber crafts in the Baltic region.

Why is amber valuable today, in the context of the pandemic, and in the future?

There are two traditional approaches to medicine. The European medicine school is about 500 years old, and the Oriental school is more than 2,000 years old. They have different approaches and methods. Since Roman times, amber has been used for its physical properties. The Oriental medicine of the time of Omar Khayyam used the field properties of amber microparticles and operated the energy-informational terms. For 50 years, thanks to research in the Savkevich's Russian scientific school, a number of specialists in Lithuania, Poland, and Russia have been using practical methods to find the most "active" varieties of succinite. Today, in fact, you can see amber oils and a lot of amber fakes of different levels in almost every European shop. To promote the amber market and achieve maximum effect from succinites, the amber technological cluster has developed a separate project called "Living Amber". According to this project, six organizations specializing in amber treatment that have completed a full course of training are entitled to provide health services using amber cluster technologies. Prices for products and services can not be lowered and implemented without appropriate restrictions on the implementation of the quality and safety requirements of the developed standards (ISO 2200, ISO 9901)

Sales of the amber cluster products can only be carried out through certified distributors who have passed a special training program. Those who passed the qualification exam on the use of innovative amber products receive the corresponding certificate.

The modern consumer knows amber only as a jewelry gemstone, but this industry occupies only 0.15% of the world consumption market. Our proposed technology packages can lead to a burst in producing and selling consumer goods under a new amber brand. These goods already exist, but they are quite expensive and not mass-produced at the moment. Let's take, for example, "living flowers" covered with "breathable" membrane coatings, torsion heaters for fishermen and hunters, or agents for automobile oils. Very soon large-scale geometrical objects will be developed such as sculptures, protective films for greenhouses, or landscape elements.

With the development of technology, there is an increase in interest in personal things that are "there for you" such as mobile phones, cars, weapons, purse, amulets, etc. Our amber technologies will satisfy the most demanding clients. A steering wheel from amber, car siding, you name it! They've already created a necklace similar to the one which Queen Anne had, with an amber butterfly! You can already buy scented products with pheromones, incenses with odors of the flowers and plants of the Paradise period, from the partners of the amber technological cluster!

Combining modern technologies with the experience of the past allows us to increase the share of amber use in the mass market. For example, amber can be used in souvenirs, key chains with names, car brands, personal photos, medals, etc.

For fashion designers, it is a great opportunity to use technology-related products (usually hand-crafted products are not attractive-looking). We are already using the amber fibers in textile production. Above that, amber has a lot to offer to design because there are 126 varieties of it! Everybody is used to the shine of brilliants and crystals – how about amber's rich palette and natural shades?

At conclusion I would like to say that amber is a carrier of "the Earth's information memory", it has witnessed the life of Adam and Eve and has survived Earth's mega-catastrophes.

If a tiny flash drive crystal can store only one library of data, then why can't amber store "the information flows of the entire universe"?

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