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Introducing Navneet Gems; a manufacturer of loose gemstones from Thailand and India for the Baltic J

The Baltic Jewelry Magazine introduces a gem from Thailand. This company not only supplies mass produced semi precious and precious gemstones, but also customized fancy shaped gemstones in almost semi precious gemstones which has been lost from the Baltic jewelry market. The advantage is their cost, on time delivery, communication with buyers and their quality of the gemstones. We will elaborate later on each of these points.

Direct from the mines – eliminating middle men

Navneet Gems and Minerals eliminates the middle men not only because they want to take in control the rough production from the mines by eliminating middle men, but Navneet Agarwal, the marketing manager at Navneet Gems and Minerals Company Ltd has a different reason for it.

He says “We want to be the first company in the European market to offer such ethically sourced rough material direct from the mines”, “conflict free gemstones is a dream come true for me”.

In fact one of his company goals in 2019 was to move a step closer to his dream, which will help build the dreams of 1000’s of miners in poor countries like Africa. This goal has been the hot topic in the jewelry industry; ethically sourced gemstones, just when the customers are starting to ask about the origins of the gemstone in specific the mines, process (Kimberley for diamonds).

On time Delivery

Navneet Gems believes that 2019 will be the year with faster turnaround time required from the customers, especially those that would like mass produced gemstones. Consumers and this trade is changing quickly, designs are becoming out of fashion quicker then thought and shipping costs and time are being reduced by logistic companies.

The gem and jewellery trade in Europe, especially the Baltic, rely on great distribution of jewelry. During this distribution, lead times, overstocking can become a big drawback in this everchanging times.

With their gemstone factory located in Jaipur (India) for semi precious gemstones and Bangkok (Thailand) for precious gemstones, the inhouse production ensures that the desired delivery of orders are met. The delivery date is exactly when the gemstones are shipped, not even a day later.

Quality of Gemstones

With NGM’s gemstone factory, the quality production becomes an important aspect. The Baltic market relies heavily on the Russian buyers and for them every stone has to look like a diamond, it may have slight inclusions like diamonds do, but the polish has to be similar to diamonds. For this reason they always use the LC (Loop clean) quality for our customers for this belt.

Communicating at Navneet Gems

With Navneet Gems – they communicate very well, you can simply send them an email from their homepage website.

CSR responsibility with gemstones

Corporate social responsibility with gemstones is not very common. But with Navneet gems, you can get this with some basic certificate, but building this is not a one time thing, it takes time and energy to develop your gemstone mine sources with the right ethical behavior at the mines and at the gemstone factory. Read more here about the ethically sourced gemstones at Navneet Gems.

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