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“MONDO PREZIOSO” – the Celebration of Italian Jewellery Mastery

From October 6th to 9th, the Italian jewellery fair “Mondo Prezioso” took place in the south of Italy . It is the fair organised by Marcianise-based Centro Orafo Il Tarì, the only jewellery district in Italy which permanently gathers 400 companies as consortium. The Centre locates just outside of Naples, and is truly a gem of Italian jewellery business.

Besides the permanent Tarì residents, more than 85 exhibitors, coming from the most important Italian jewellery districts joined the jewellery celebration at the pavillions, showcasing their unique take on high Italian jewellery.

One could see the whole jewellery supply and production chain at “Mondo Prezioso” - starting from gems to precious and semi-precious stones, from components to accessories and semifinished products, from production technologies to final products. In addition the buyers were representing more than 1.000 points of sale - coming from Italy, Malta, Greek Islands and Baltic Region.

At “Mondo Prezioso” the leitmotif is “craftsmanship”, which means the modern bridge between past and present, tradition and innovation - starting from the jewellery production deck of the school to the company.

„This year Mondo Prezioso is going to start at its best, thanks to Il Tarì registration to Confindustria Federorafi and the great succes of ICE Jewellery Export Lab project, a training program on internationalization for jewellery companies. Our companies have understood the importance of networking and supporting further promotional activities internationally“ - the President Mr. Vincenzo Giannotti said. „Our events force us to be more and more competitive, we are experimenting several innovative ways in order to increase the market supply and demand. Mondo Prezioso is the concret result of that competitive strategy, we have identified more and more qualified exhibitors as well as the most interesting buyers and retailers for the business of our companies, on a strategic point of view“.

Besides the fair itself, Mondo Prezioso held an exclusive exhibition “Jewels – A love story”, a real journey within the history of jewellery and jewellery craftsmanship made in Italy, a chronological path which starts from XVIII century towards high end contemporary jewellery collections. It was an unique occasion for admiring the Bourbon style-like jewels.

Centro Orafo Il Tarì is located near one of the main architectural and historic treasure in Italy and worldwide, the Reggia di Caserta, the ideal site of Naples Kingdom founded by Carlo di Borbone in 1750. That masterpiece became the exclusive venue of a special event dedicated to buyers and international medias which will took place on Sunday October 8th, with guided tours of the historic apartments of the Reggia.

Centro Orafo Il Tari

About the Tarì – a 20 year old story

Centro Orafo Il Tarì, is the only jewellery district in Italy which has permanently gathered 400 companies as consortium since 1996 (30% production, 30% services, 40% retail) in a unique prestigeous site by ensuring a package of specialized services - spanning from security to promotion representing a unique value in Europe, to all registered companies and the visitors alike. The everyday activity of those registered companies is about the production and trade of jewels and is exclusively dedicated to the operators. Three times a year, the Tarì Center hosts an important event which involves both the permanent companies and the most significant jewellery ones in Italy. The Tarì hosts also a valuable training school, the Tarì Design School.

The Centro Orafo represents an interesting goal in terms of investments and placement for the production companies of the whole industry: location security, organizational stability, accomodation and hospitality services, specialized skills and expertise about communication, design and training sectors, are some features to be emphasized, just to name a few.

Some facts about the Centro Orafo Il Tarì:

  • 3500 daily attendees (7000 during the industry trade fairs)

  • 400.000 operators every year

  • 3 industry trade fairs a year (March, May, October) with more than 22.000 attendees per edition and the participation of 400 internal companies and 80 external exhibitors

  • Different exhibitions and events out of industry every year

  • A sales volume of 850 milions € a year

  • 30% of the companies’ production is allocated to export (China, USA, Russia above all)

  • 135.000 square mt whose more than 40.000 ones are permanently dedicated to production and distribution activities of the partners, and further 9.500 ones to the pavillions (4.700 square mt per pavillion)

  • Since 2004 the Tarì has been taking part to Comitato Leonardo, the most prestigeous organisation in Italy for the promotion of the Made in Italy in the world, as one of the partners.

  • Since 2006, in collaboration with Comitato Leonardo, the Tarì has established a Master Degree Award being worth 3.000 €, which is assigned to an Italian graduate every year during a ceremony at Quirinale Palace, in Rome, in presence of the President of Italy.

Tarì Design School – creative incubator for upcoming professionals

It is not only fine metal that makes a piece of jewellery precious. The artisan’s creativity, personal style, the unique way his taste mixes with grand masters’ lessons and fashion tendencies is what makes an object unique. Since 1991, TADS (Tarì Design School) has been a vocational school in the Goldsmith Center Il Tarì. Positioned in the heart of Italian excellence in the jewellery industry, TADS is not simply an institution but a true creative laboratory where the experience of the teachers, style of the designers and creativity of the students give rise to innovative, vibrant, unique and emotional projects, while respecting the grand Italian tradition.

Each course promoted by Tarì Design School entails theory as well as being supported by hours and hours of practical apprenticeship in the laboratory. The school‘s constant interaction with companies in the luxury and fashion sector, allows for course updates, the organization of internships and the facilitation of entrance into the working world, a true strength. The Tarì Design School provides two goldsmith laboratories, a stone-setting laboratory, two watchmaking laboratories, one gemological laboratory with 20 stations, a laboratory with technical machinery, classrooms for technical drawing and planning, and a computer laboratory.

More on this journey - stay tuned for Baltic Jewellery News 34th issue which will be published in March 2018.!

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