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The 10 Most Expensive Amber Pieces In The World, Ranked

Pieces made out of Amber usually come with insane price tags.

While Amber may not be one of the rarest pieces in the world, it remains one of the most beautiful gemstones for creating jewelry and other decorative items. The lightweight, soft and translucent material is abundantly present in Europe, Asia, and North America and is also an important piece of some electronic devices due to its electrical conductivity. Hence, today, the glowing golden color apparel, which can also exist in various shades from light yellow to deep brown, is also one of the most expensive gemstones in the world. However, this article will look at the ten most expensive Amber pieces in the world.


The Dominican Amber Dinosaur Earrings ($145, 000)

The history of these beautiful pair of earrings dates back as far as twenty million years ago, making them one of the oldest amber pieces ever made. The dinosaur-shaped shiny ornaments feature two small pieces of Amber pegged with ancient insects to give it a unique design. They were auctioned off to an anonymous buyer a few years ago for a whopping $145,000.


The Columbian Amber Beetle Earrings ($200,000)

Like the Dominican dinosaur earrings, these ornamentals pieces were made with two small pieces of Amber shaped like the beetle. According to its designer, it was created originally for Columbia's two-time President, Manuel Murillo Toro, and the leader cherished and adorned the luxury earrings at the time. However, an anonymous buyer later acquired it via auction for $200,000.


The Russian Spider Brooch ($250,000)

This antique piece dates back to the 19th century when it was designed for Russian royalty. At the time of its design, it was an apparel that well befitted only the rich and royalty. This spider-shaped brooch was made with tiny pieces of glistering Amber and remains a valuable vintage piece to date. However, an anonymous buyer acquired it via an auction for a staggering $250,000.


The Chinese Amber Frog Pendant ($265,000)

This pendant dates back as far as the Manchu-led imperial dynasty of China, the Qing dynasty. It is carved to shape like a frog and contains small pieces of green Amber, giving it an exquisite design. However, like many ornaments in this category, it was auctioned off and purchased by an anonymous buyer for $265,000.


The Golden Sunburst Pendant ($300,000)

According to its designer Glenn Spiro, it is a timeless luxury piece that should last forever. This glowing pendant contains large fine details of yellow Amber, merged with other gemstones, surrounded by about 700 diamonds. An anonymous buyer acquired this luxury apparel at an auction for $300,000.


Prince Fielder's Amber Necklace ($765,000)

With over 800 carats of Amber used in its production, this necklace is one of the finest amber pieces ever made. According to its designer and famous American jeweler, Martin Katz, it was custom-made for former baseball player Prince Fielder, with the best amber pieces ever found. It is no wonder the 38year old retired First baseman forked out $765,000 for this exquisite piece.


The Sunrise Egg ($4 Million)

This two-inch flamboyant Sunrise Egg has an ideally kept mosquito in it and is one of the most expensive amber pieces to have been sold. According to the popular world-leading art and luxury auction house Christie's, the piece was so important to an anonymous buyer that he paid $4 million for it in 2007.


The Blue Dragon ($6.5 Million)

Discovered in Burma (now Myanmar), the Blue Dragon is one of the biggest Amber ever found and seen in the world. At the time of discovery, this unique ancient piece weighed over seven pounds and was a beauty to behold. However, an anonymous buyer paid a whopping $6.5 million for it at an auction.


Sundance Kid's Amber Gun ($7 Million)

In the late 19th century, American businessman and philanthropist Josiah Lilly III carved a giant amber piece into a gun. At the time, this luxury gun was acquired by famous American train and bank robber Robert LeRoy Parker, aka Butch Cassidy. Butch used this gun as his sidearm during his days until he died in 1908. However, after the death of the Wild Bunch gang leader, the gun was sold at an auction for a whopping $7 million.


The Queen's Amber Room ($150 Million)

This piece is the most expensive amber apparel ever to exist, and it was a priceless art piece designed for the then King of Prussia, King Frederick I, in the 18th century. However, it later became a gift passed from one person to another, as King Frederick gifted it to the Russian Monarch, who modernized the nation and made them a European force, Tsar Peter the Great. Unfortunately, this timeless piece was stolen during World War II and has not been found to date.

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How can it be The "Sundance Kid's Amber Gun" (Harry Alonzo Longabaugh) if it belonged to Butch Cassidy (Robert LeRoy Parker), when they were two different men?

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