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Time has set its accents, and new, very small firms that have come to the jewelry market in Russia have become particularly visible. Basically, these are author’s brands that carry their own special appeal. I want to focus on them. JEWELRY GARDEN magazine pays special attention to their development, supports and gives way to creative brands with their own identity.

Moscow jewelry brand LIBERI is poetry, inspired by love and emotions. It’s a hymn of free feelings, free forms. Nona Dronova is Author of jewelry, professor in the field of jewelry, member of the Union of Russian Artists. LIBERI is a variety of textures, shapes, symbols and colors. The textured surface and blackening make the collection luxurious. There is not a single millimeter of surface on which the texture is repeated. To obtain natural effects, casts were taken from the bark of trees, minerals, and Mediterranean plants. The author is not afraid of contrasting combinations. This is a confirmation of the freedom of creativity, where each product is not repeated twice. Only natural stones and nacre are used in jewelry. Amethyst and morion - from Brazil, rose quartz and garnet-from India, turquoise-from the USA, coralfrom Italy, green quartz - from Norway, topaz-from Sri Lanka. St. Petersburg jewelry brand SVETLANA LUZANOVA is the author's brand of a traditional designer, selflessly dedicated to his work. These are modern works of jewelry art based on the most complex traditional technologies, aesthetic and charming jewelry items that fill with special joy and pleasure when you hold them in your hands. The peculiarity of jewelry is the complexity in the technology of hand-made products: the finest openwork ornament, made by setting a complex pattern of scanned wire, decorated with

grain and filled with hot transparent stained glass enamel. An extraordinary combination of precious and non-precious stones, a piece-by-piece approach to manufacturing and getting incredibly strong emotions from a man-made flower miniature in a single copy –Svetlana Luzanova’s creative credo. The jewelry brand LES MASCARONES is based in Moscow. Each decoration of a cultural project is a history of architecture in a jewelry embodiment. The jewelry is based on mascarons from historical buildings in Moscow. Each mascaron is a special mood and energy. It is associated with the image of a mythical hero, which is located on a particular building in the form of an artistic bas-relief. Inna Macaron is owner of the brand and the author of the project, she is orientalist, international lawyer and a very creative person. It turns jewelry into real art objects, and they become priceless, as they carry a piece of the history of Russia. Mascaron (French- mascaron, Italian-mascherone, literally "big mask") is an architectural decoration, a stucco element that depicts the face of a person, the muzzle of an animal (mainly a lion) or a mythical creature, in fact, masks that have always been amulets from evil and adversity. In jewelry made in silver with gilding or ceramics, only handmade work is used, which stores the warmth of the master's hands. Each brand's jewelry is a collectible item, as well as additional accessories included in the brand's collection (bags, shawls, light souvenirs). LES MASCARONES is a social brand, as it promotes the historical memory of Russia and all the best, in terms of culture, artistic and architectural creativity.


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