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Jewellery has always been a reliable gift idea for absolutely any occasion! It is a creative way to show someone you care. Besides, it is a notable gift for yourself and it is a great opportunity to express your personality. We want our customers to be able to unleash their inner personalities. Jewellery is a great way to express yourself even in the positions where you are not allowed to for example business meetings. Even looking at the current situation of the global pandemic, when the main communication happens through video calls, which makes it even more difficult to show your personality. Jewellery helps to express the identity of the person who wears it. Especially when our platform is designed to allow creating a piece of special jewellery together with an artist. Just simply message the jeweller you like the most, let them know what kind of idea you have in mind and you will have individual jewellery made for you. Our online platform allows jewellers to communicate better and faster with their clients.

The gallery always has the manager online to inform both the jeweller and the client about any updates. We are expanding our efforts to connect individuals more directly with the jewellery community. It helps to get acquainted with a piece of jewellery in the digital space not only visually, but also to understand the artist's idea and hidden thoughts. Our gallery has an array of beautifully curated work from new and established makers. It is always a dependable destination if you're after a unique gift or something rather special to treat yourself. We currently have over 20 artists from Lithuania and we are expanding every month. Our main fear is not to become a simple catalogue. We want our platform to be interactive. We provide live videos where customers get an opportunity to know the jeweller as a person and ask questions they are curious to get the answers to. Our job as a gallery is to promote artists and we also incorporate online marketing strategies to achieve our goals.

Stay in touch by exploring our jewellers and their works online!


Facebook: @Baltic.Jewellery.Art.Gallery

Instagram: @Baltic.Jewellery.Art.Gallery

YouTube: @AmberTrip

Mobile, Viber, WhatsApp: +37068856063



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