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”Do you still believe in something?“—I was recently asked. I said yes! I believe in better energies, in better emotions, in everything that helps to create, support, make discoveries, and stop wars. I am for creation, even though I have been present at many international exhibitions representing beauty from the finest jewelry firms, brands, designers and jewelry artists for more than twenty years. And this is what will keep living as long as a person is alive.

No turbulent times can stop the creative process. Yes, time is running today, business is shrinking, but the creative energy of a person will never run out. And this is demonstrated by the jewelry exhibitions that continue to be held despite the situation. There are fewer jewelers, and they are more entrepreneurial and flexible. A new energy is coming, a new wave of creative and rational ideas that contribute to development. When we talk about the jewelry business, then the latest JUNWEX jewelry exhibition confirmed that yes, the industry is highly segmented. Art and premium, as well as author's art, the category of the so-called useful things, as in the days of Faberge, and, of course, the mass market, stand out here. What is the Russian jewelry market like today?

Diamonds and precious stones. They were, are and will be loved by Russian women. This is the history of Russia, its traditions and culture. We love jewelry. In addition, these are decorations that have a national flavour. Russia is a multinational country. Today, the decorations of the northern peoples are especially attractive: their designs, jewelry inserts made from mammoth tusk. In addition, the northerners have begun to actively experiment. This can be seen in the decorations of the jewelry company KIERGE. In a competitive set of silver with diamonds and rough diamonds, as well as in a necklace with a large rough diamond. Real jewelry brands with their own identity began to appear on the jewelry market. They stand out and can be distinguished by branded collections and expressive presentation. Perhaps the most expressive modern brand today is Izmestiev Diamonds. Their collection ”Japanese Garden “ is a synthesis of Japanese and Russian cultures. The jewelry is made with inlaid small gemstones in gorgeous plastic and has a special charm. The new brand URBAN M (Urban Madonna) can particularly be distinguished with its special approach to colour when working with Edison pearls.

Author's jewelry. They are bright and positive. Each product has a special energy, special charm and attractiveness, and a special story. There are enough philosophical motifs among designer jewelry, and all of them certainly look fashionable. And this is precisely their success — they are easily combined with modern clothes.

Mass market. They will be in demand and always loved. People want beauty, and jewelers offer the so-called new jewelry in modern forms and with inserts of cultured stones of all kinds of colour shades, which was presented in the collection CONTESSA from the jewelry brand GRANAT. Useful things have always been especially popular in Russia: this time, the Privolzhsky Jewelry Factory presented scrapers for a very trendy gua sha massage, made of all kinds of ornamental stones with silver plates, indicating that jewelers have learned to keep up with the times.


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