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Things move fast these days. Just a little over a year ago The Jewellery Room was the company that built a bridge between fashion and fine jewellery connecting press and buyers with brands fashion week style. Their PR events during Copenhagen and London Fashion Weeks became the place to be for media and influencers.

Described as “a first mover in the jewellery industry with the aim to set a global agenda for jewellery en vogue by empowering the most forward-thinking brands in the jewellery industry – The Jewellery Room is a digital-first-mover in a non-digital industry”.

Now they are digitally first moving the way we buy high-end jewellery through a nerdy expert portal that functions as a global display window for jewellery designers around the world. The company has evolved from high-end PR and branding into an e-commerce company with a strong presence on social media.

They want to reinvent the way people buy jewellery, they say. “We want to give independent designers a platform for global exposure and sale so that they can keep on creating their beautiful products. We want to be the go-to-platform for genuine and high-quality jewellery”.

According to sisters and founders Pernille Møbjerg Knudsen and Charlotte Møbjerg Ansel-Henry, the transition was already on the drawing board by the end of 2019.

“More and more we experienced that end consumers reached out to us on social media and wanted to know where they could purchase the jewellery we exhibited. As we readily sent them to vendors, it dawned on us why not take it a step further.

2020 only served to kick the process into gear as the world shut down and consumers turned to internet shopping. 2020 forced them out of the physical space and online adhering to the current trend of focusing on the end consumer.

But the platform will be more than just a place for transactions as the founders intend to share their deeply founded knowledge about trends, styling and materials from many years of working in the industry as PR-executives, securing a trusted source for high-end jewellery buying.

“We come to the consumer with expertise and guidance so that they stay atop of materials and trends. By offering tutorials showing how to style an outfit using your jewellery according to current trends, we inspire you to keep your precious jewellery relevant always as a part of your individual storytelling”.

Love for jewellery, precious stones and metals and profound respect for the craftsmanship drives the sisters as well as the longevity - quality jewellery will last you forever. A genuine piece of jewellery will last a lifetime and add personality to your look.

“We want to challenge the throwaway culture that, like fast fashion, dominates some parts of the business. We want to sell jewellery that lasts, so you will primarily find precious like gold and silver in a broad and carefully curated collection”.

We will be exhibiting/showing individual jewellery designers who would otherwise not have been able to get noted by a larger audience.

At our platform, they will be able to reach a global audience. You will however also find some selected bijouterie brands as they complement the more high-end pieces in the playful luxurious way that characterizes the “The Jewellery Room style”. Mixing fx bracelets made of colourful glass beads with precious metal pieces for a relaxed and playful yet lush approach to a personal look.

Always on the lookout for new talent, The Jewellery Room takes to social media as travel is, of course, set on hold for a while.

“We will be scouting new talent globally. That way you can log on to our platform and find the little independent jeweller from around the corner that you would only discover, if you were there in that street, in that city”


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