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Soonin Han won the Award in the category of amber works during Art Jewellery Exhibition “Amber Trip”. Her work surprised the jury of the contest and many jewellers have acknowledged her unique take on the topic and the use of amber in jewellery. It is always interesting to see how other cultures use amber in their work, because the majority of the participants in the contest are European.

1. How did you find out about Jewellery Contest “Amber Trip”?

I was going through jewellery works on klimt02 when I came across information about Art Jewellery Contest “Amber Trip”. The topic matched the area of my interest so I decided to participate.

2. Do you often work with amber or is this material new to you?

I think it is an interesting material for jewellery, because amber is a light-weight material. I still use mostly waste glass as a material, but I am sure that I will use amber in combination with waste glass some day.

3. Your piece of work “We=I”; tell us about the idea behind this piece of jewellery.

Current ecological disharmony demands us to restore harmony, which can be possible by recognizing and restoring the order and solidarity innate to all creatures.

Each circle seems separate but they are connected to each other creating a big one, like the Universe, and the overlaid amber shows the order and connectedness of the ecosystem, which can only be seen when all of them are together.

4. Is amber popular in South Korea?

Traditionally amber was used as a twin ring as well as for traditional Korean ornaments for women and as a button for men’s handbook in South Korea. There are brownish to translucent brown series and yellowish to opaque yellow series ambroid. I learned from G.I.A. that the Baltic amber has a higher value than the Dominican amber in general.

5. What materials do you usually work with?

Currently I make pieces of work by using waste glass.

6. Could you compare European and Asian art jewellery scene? How is it different?

I think European art jewellery seeks more simplicity while Oriental art jewellery craves depth.

7. What inspires you to create?

Seeing things through something inspires me. For example, I am inspired by what is seen through glass.

8. Are you familiar with the concept of ethical jewellery?

The chaotic life of the mankind pollutes the Earth.

People’s over-consumption is also a factor in making our planet sick.

We have a shared responsibility for the destruction of the ecosystem.

I would like to make works of art by using waste glass in hopes of restoring the ecosystem.

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