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The winners of the Amber Trip art jewellery contest 'ECOSIGHT' 2020

XVII International Baltic Jewellery Show Amber Trip 2020 held an art jewellery contest.

Polluted oceans, burning Amazon forests, unable to breathe Delhi, Earth's warming. And how many side-by-side processes that are disrupting the coexistence of nature and mankind! Ecological disharmony - like a threatening dragon, who is constantly coming to our castle to take his victims...

What vision do we have in this confrontation? Do we surrender ourselves to fear and anxiety or are we taking a more conscious and active position? Global and everyday view, thoughts, words, and actions that turn into CREATION that can influence the future.

Jury members:

Laima Kėrienė – Head of the Jury (Lithuania)

Pille Veljataga (Lithuania)

Darijus Gerlikas (Lithuania)

Giedymin Jablonski (Poland)

Henrik Kihlman (Finland)

Rasma Pušpure (Latvia)

75 authors participated with over 80 amazing art works from around the world (Taiwan, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, Iran, Poland, Turkey, Italy, United Kingdom, United States, Russia, South Korea, Netherlands, Australia, Mexico, Latvia, Greece, France, Austria, Belarus and Lithuania).

Grand Prix

Vita Pukštaitė-Bružė (Lithuania)

"The end of the foot-bridge"

Award in the category of amber works

Soonin Han (South Korea)


Award in the category of jewellery

Chien-Yu Liu (Taiwan)

"One Moment to Another"

Award in the category of objects

Rachael Colley (United Kingdom))


Award of the audience

Charlotte Parent (France)


Award in the category of jewellery

Rasa Jundulaitė (Lithuania)

"The very first"

Ieva Laskevičiūtė (Lithuania)

"Pandora's Cake" - for the alternative of using the material

Yaroslava Kellermann (Poland)

"Way" - for rendering harmony of water and nature

Joshua Kosker (USA)

"Copal (Gold Edition)" - for an elegant alternative to amber and a sense of humor

Anna Tereshchenkova (Russia)

"Bird and Fish" - for the visual declaration of the danger of plastic to the wildlife

Alain Roggeman (Belgium)

“Broken and reclaimed” - for the balance of thought and composition in jewelry

Ilze Egle (Latvia)

"Skies are crying about the Earth's warming" - for the paradox of thought and artistic expression

Brigita Rodaitė (Lithuania)

“Gardens” - for the sensitivity to nature and the aesthetics of the composition

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