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Michał Kosior is the Amber Personality of the Year 2019

For more than twenty years, the International Amber Association (IAA) has been awarding the Amber Personality of the Year title to honour special achievements, artistic creativity, scientific research, making amber research known worldwide, etc. This year, the nominees were: Dr hab. Aniela Matuszewska, Aleksander Gliwiński and Michał Kosior. By the decision of the Award Committee, Michał Kosior became the Amber Personality of the Year 2019.

The winner of the title of the Amber Personality of the Year 2019, Michał Kosior, first got into the jewellery and amber industry in 1999 by working on the Polish Jewellery Directory, to subsequently work with the other Polish and international trade media, become the Amberif Press Officer and an industry expert. In 2008-2019, he headed the office of the International Amber Association; moreover, he served as the Secretary and Vice-President of the IAA Board for two terms.

What was the most noticeable in Michał’s work was his commitment, above and beyond the call of duty. For 11 years of his work there, he not only proved himself as a reliable Director of the IAA Office but also perfectly mastered all the amber know-how and “amber traps,” and became an amber appraiser. In a very short time, amber and the amber community became for Michał not only a workplace but also a passion.

It is his knowledge and passion that helped create a reliable image of the International Amber Association on the Internet, in social media and at international meetings where he represented the Association and the industry.

Over his more than 20 years in the industry, he has actively inspired many projects which have contributed to making Baltic amber better known both at home and abroad, some of which are listed here: He has been active in building the IAA Amber Laboratory, organising training sessions and meetings for appraisers, the Understanding Amber courses and gemmology workshops; he was a consultant for amendments to the Polish geology law, worked with major science, museum, art and educational institutions in Poland, Europe and worldwide; he ran the gallery at the IAA head office, organised exhibitions for contemporary jewellery designers, engaged in publishing, organised exhibitions and events to promote amber; he facilitated liaisons between IAA members, actively participated in conferences and trade shows, promoted amber and published amber-related features in industry and consumer media, and much more.

In appreciation of his contributions, the Award Committee conferred the title of the Amber Personality of the Year 2019 by a majority vote in the first round of voting. This unusual circumstance proves the strength of the candidate who garnered the votes.

Photo by Michał Szczepankiewicz

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