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Social distancing is still in place even after lockdowns are starting to be lifted.

Essential retail stores around the world that have been able to remain open provide some insight into what the future looks like for jewellery stores, with the likes of supermarkets and pharmacy's limiting the number of people who can be in store at any given time and putting markers on the ground to ensure everyone stays two meters apart.

Stating that all businesses need to be prepared ahead of time, we would like to share some guidance on how non-essential retail stores can learn from companies still operating and protect staff and customers when lockdowns around the globe will be lifted. While jewellery stores are different from pharmacies, grocery shops some guidance can be used in some shape or form.

Please do note that this is, in general, our view which has been formed by a few countries, and for better guidance, you should check for official information provided by authorities in countries that your stores are based at.

  • If possible limit entry and exit points in stores and where possible have 1 for entry and 1 for an exit.

  • Determine how many customers can be in store and keep a safe recommended distance of 2 meters between each customer. Don't forget to calculate how many customers you do have in a store at a given time.

  • Mark floor with a tape every 2 meters for a customer to understand the distance.

  • Put a sign in front of an entrance that explains social distancing rules in your store.

  • If your store is in a shopping mall speak to shopping mall management and neighbors on possible queuing areas.

  • Encourage customers to shop alone.

  • Put yourself a more efficient timetable for deliveries to prevent crowding during busy hours.

  • Consider additional staff members in-store to ensure that rules are being followed.

  • Provision of cleaning stations in front of the store including hand sanitiser, if available, and disinfectant wipes or sprays for customers and staff.

  • Regularly clean key touch areas around the store (doors, displays, etc.)

  • Set rules that will be followed by managers and staff if customers do not follow the social distancing rules.

  • Use reminding notices around the store for customers about social distancing rules.

  • If possible make one-way systems around the store.

  • Use physical barriers between staff and a customer at the tills.

  • Manage the flow of customers. If needed hire additional staff or security.

  • Remove any promotions that would likely attract the attention of customers to gather around.

  • To limit movement around the store consider restocking displays before or after open hours.

  • If possible accept card payments only.

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