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Jewellery magical value fascinates me every day

An interview with a Lithuanian jeweller Jurga Gusarovienė who has established her own brand "JURGUS" and is creating beautiful unique author jewellery. Jurga is creating jewellery from precious stones and her favorite one is blood-red garnet. You can find her jewellery online at

How did jewelry come about in your life? After all, you have been working outside this field for many years.

I do not know if the emergence of jewelry art and science in my life can be called accidental or unexpected. It was a transformation that conquered my heart immediately. After more than five years, I think the strongest impression of jewelry was the lasting value of it. We each want to leave something behind so that people can remember us. Writers leave books, painters leave paintings, jewelers – jewelry. Their magical value fascinates me every day. How would you describe what jewelry is? What is the main meaning of jewelry for a person?

I tell my clients very simply – you must first like the jewelry. A beautiful ring, a beautiful jewel. Because its main purpose is to make you beautiful. Does it matter if there is a ring in a showcase that costs thousands, but does not catch the eye and there is no woman who wants to admire it or prank up? For me, jewelry is a small celebration of our lives, and I hope that these celebrations bring joy to my clients as well.

How long does it take to make a jewelry?

Rings, earrings, bracelets are firstly born in my imagination. It is a process of creation. Then starts the hard, meticulous work of myself and my colleagues. Sometimes all you need is the impulse and a few days of work, but there are other times when the process stops for a few months. A suitable, perfectly polished gemstone, seen and purchased at exhibitions can dictate the idea of ​​a piece of jewelry. But it is a unique stone. It is necessary to prepare very well so that it does not break down during construction, and make the piece of jewelry precisely.

What amazes you most in the world of jewelry?

I am always fascinated with original design jewelry. And it's not necessarily very expensive, luxurious jewelry. Jewelry, like other forms of art, must evoke emotion. It might sound bold, but it must shake, excite. Otherwise, it will be a mass-produced replica ring, much of which we will enjoy for a very short time and then forget it in the drawer.

Where do you get your inspiration from? For me, the sources of inspiration are music, human relationships, emotions, nature, gems. It is always a challenge and interesting at the same time to communicate with clients who are a bit capricious, have unusual desires. Each time I make jewelry for them, I improve and grow, I have to deal with difficult tasks, accomplish them technically. But it is through this that the most beautiful jewelry is born. How do you find your jewelers working day ideal?

I would love to come to work early in the morning and work listening to my favorite music. But usually the morning starts with calls, e-mails with inquiries, meetings with outsourcers. I always dream of breaking somewhere for at least a few weeks and devoting my time to sketching jewelry. For now, it's just a dream. We recently talked to a fellow artist at length about the need

or the artist to be very organized, industrious, needing internal discipline, otherwise he/she will soon become a cry complaining to the world that no one understands him/her and you will not make money.

What kind of jewelry do you like to create the most: ring, earrings or pendant?

Jewelry is beautiful if it is beautiful. This phrase is banal, but true. Still I find a bracelet as a piece of jewelry beautiful and rings have a really magical power.

Do you always make exactly what you customers want, or do you allow yourself to improvise?

I always ask the customer – why did you choose me? I cannot please his taste and desires. It is a process of creation. Sometimes I feel that the customer thinks of me as a maid that has to obey him/her, please him/her and I cannot make jewelry for such a customer.

What is the most valuable piece of jewelry for you?

I give a lot of jewelry away very hard, I remember them, they are part of my life. The most valuable are the ones that the customers give to their loved ones on a special occasion. Engagement rings, a ring from a mother to her daughter, who lives thousands of kilometers away, a ring that a wife gets from her husband after the baby is born. All these stories are very exciting; you cannot remain indifferent as you become a part of that story. It’s a big win and a big responsibility.

You emphasize a lot that a piece of jewelry must be like a family heirloom. Did this philosophy come from your family?

Jewelry as a family heirloom is my aspiration. Therefore, I always suggest making a more classic piece of jewelry, from a precious metal, with gems, because it is better to have one but valuable ring. Unfortunately, the terrible Soviet time has ruined the jewelry heritage of many of our families. People sold the legacy of great-grandparents to survive or were robbed. Jewelers help restore this. Hopefully the rings we create will remain with grandchildren.

How do new customers find you? Do you attend exhibitions, advertise in the media or on social networks?

I try to take part in exhibitions. I proudly call partners from abroad to come to Lithuania, attend in the exhibitions and see how many strong and talented jewelers are there in Lithuania.

What dream do you have for your job?

I have dreams of continuing to create, work with my team, delight the Lithuanian people, and maybe people from elsewhere....

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