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Amber Trip Cluster visited JUNWEX, St. Petersburg, February 5-9, 2020

Giedrius Guntorius, head of Amber Trip Cluster, met business partners at the exhibition and introduced them to the trends and innovations of the Baltic jewellery market.

The opening ceremony began with the traditional speech of the head of the media holding V. Budny, then passing the floor to the head of the Urals Jewelers Guild A. Chamovsky, congratulating him on his birthday. Alexander Ivanovich noted that, despite the very modest sales of many jewelry stores on the eve of the New Year holidays, January showed a revival of demand. This inspires optimism and hope that the work at the exhibition will bring excellent results to its participants.

The representative of Expo Forum K. Dvoretsky emphasized that of all the events held in the Exhibition Center, it is JUNWEX that is the largest and reference project that other exhibitions should be equal to and which sets a very high standard. The head of the North-West State Assay Supervision Inspection E. Fensky assured that nobody and nothing would interfere with the work of the participants. On the contrary, the inspection is making every effort to successfully develop the jewelry business in the region.

Chairman of the Union of Jewelers of the North-West A. Gorynya expressed the wish that there should be as much trade as possible at the exhibition:

“After all, it was for her that we all gathered here. Let there be a lot of sales from retailers, and even jewelers are ready to do everything possible for this. "

Both General Director of Krasnoselsky Yuvelirprom Gumerov and President of Club Russian Jewelery Trade S. Vedovsky spoke about the development of jewelry skills and the abundance of new collections at the exhibition in their speeches. As always, emotionally made V. Simonov, representing the jewelers of the Kaliningrad region.

“We all go on a visit and try to talk only about the good there,” he said. - So here, visiting JUNWEX, I want to emphasize: as long as this exhibition lives on, the industry will live on. Forget about all the sorrows and move forward with JUNWEX. This I appeal to those who doubt and try to find other ways of development - they are not there, you will run into dubious fraudulent schemes only. ”

As always, at the opening ceremony of the St. Petersburg exhibition, the leaders of jewelry production were awarded, the rating of which was compiled by RIA RosYuvelirExpert together with the North-West State Inspectorate and the Union of Jewelers of the North-West. This year this procedure took place in St. Petersburg for the 15th time.

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