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Jubinale – crazy plan has been working for 10 years already. Interview wirh Andrzej Sadowski, organi

What were the challenges faced by Jubinale 10 years ago? How do you see them today with 10 years of experience? How are the challenges different today?

The idea of developing a trade fair event had been growing for several years. It was back in 2004/2005, when our publishing house was experiencing the most expansive growth, we admired similar events in Europe and we thought about establishing a new, ambitious trade fair in Poland. At that time we decided not to start the new initiative as the dynamic development of fairs in Warsaw and Gdańsk was clearly visible and we feared that we would not be able to meet the challenge. However, in 2006 and 2007 the market retracted. The turnout of visitors clearly decreased, exhibitors were not satisfied in 100% - then we thought that this time it was a perfect moment for a breath of fresh air. We believed that a new formula and new ideas would encourage exhibitors and buyers to meet on a new business platform. There were some important questions to answer: where and when the new exhibition should be organized in order to prevent direct competition with the existing organizers. There was one answer: South Poland, and more precisely - Krakow.

In retrospect, we know that we have not seen the upcoming global crisis and that the problems of the existing events appeared mainly due to the weakening market. Many times we were told that we have started at the worst time possible. However, we managed to prove that the saying "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" was true this time as well. Indeed, these difficult times have made us stronger and motivated us to assume even greater commitment and motivation.

Andrzej Sadowski

What was the most interesting exhibitor you had that was wothwile most stories?

Actually, each and every exhibitor is interesting in its own way. Nevertheless, I would like to take this opportunity to mention those exhibitors, who believed in our "crazy" plan to organize a new event in a new, not-so-familiar venue for a new group of Central European buyers. We are thankful to them for attending the first JUBINALE at the Exhibitors' Ball, which was held on the first day of that year's event of the fair in Wieliczka Salt Mine, we had the pleasure of thanking the 16 companies that had exhibitions at all 10 events.

What are the plans for future? How do you see Jubinale in 10 years?

Plans for future are simple: we want to beat records again. We want to reach out to a wider group of visitors and thus encourage more companies to bring their exhibitions to the next event of JUBINALE.

What is your team’s motto?

The most important thing for us is the feeling that we have done everything we had planned before each event of the fair and individual approach to each and every exhibitor. With great satisfaction I admit that we are very happy hearing in business talks that our team is referred to as a role model within the context of both organizing trade fairs and completing related activities. We will do our best to maintain that positive opinion.

At the same time we know that there are still many opportunities and many more buyers, who still have not reached JUBINALE, but we will do to change that!


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