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The exhibition "How much per gram?"

From the ancient times Baltic Amber was a valuable stone used to make amulets, little sculptures, ornaments and was generally associated with wealth. For the Slavs it is considered to be the most important ornamental stone as well as for the Buddhists.

In the nineteenth and twentieth century, the mass production of inexpensive products gave it the stigma of the “souvenir from the holidays by the Baltic Sea” or “ grandma jewellery” making it also not a target for the younger consumers. However, in the last 25 years it had changed and we can see a dynamic development in the amber jewellery industry – young designers are using modern technology along with traditional craftsmanship. Their designs are made with commitment, loads of passion and creativity. Besides new markets have emerged, mainly Asian, where amber received “a new opening“ and is very popular.

The exhibition "How Much Per Gram?" was aimed to show that amber - expensive and rare material has enormous potential in the goldsmith industry. The products made of amber are not a shoddy souvenir from the seaside, but are well-designed, well-made, precious and high-fashion jewellery. The value of amber has been growing for many years, and today it does not give in to the value of gold, or it can even surpass it. The amber jewellery presented at the exhibition is sending the message to the world – that it is fashionable, interesting and original stone, with aim to break that bad stereotype.

The opening of the exhibition took place at the IAA Gallery during the Amberif 2017 fair. Only on that very evening artists and designers invited by the IAA have presented their artistic and more commercial approach to the amber jewellery. Each of the participants was also able to present its work on his own stand on the Amberif 2017 fair, which created a further, individual part of the exhibition. Exhibited objects are to become the showcase of the companies, which shed a light on the new exclusive approach to amber and its potential as a unique, exclusive and precious stone. We have invited to this exhibition a group of the best Polish jewellery designers and goldsmiths, members of the IAA and guest from outside.

The satirical and provocative title of the exhibition refers to the question that is often dropped by the less aware clients buying amber- we all know that the weight is only the weight and it’s not telling anything about the class, uniqueness and most of all about the immeasurable work of the designer. How much per gram? And how much per gram of the Ferrari? ;-)

Photo: Piotr Sadowski

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