Polish amber in Switzerland

Jewellery by A2

Amber is well known in Germany, even in distance China. However, the Swiss know very little about it. “Amber - Bernstein - Burning Stone - Gold of the North”- the exhibition addressed to Swiss presents ancient amber objects and, above all, contemporary amber jewellery. The exhibition "Gold des Nordens" is avaible from May to November in the Polish Museum, situated in the twelfth century castle in Rapperswil on the Zurich Lake. The curator of the exhibition is Maria Cajochen , a Polish living in Switzerland for almost 20 years. The idea of the exhibition was born few years ago when on occasion of various exhibitions in Switzerland, Austria and Germany the curator met great interest in amber. The most important thing is the way of presenting amber, that is why for years she has been searching for the interesting facts through literature which could move the imagination of the viewers. It was also based on experimental archaeology and with the help of Zenon Śmigel they have created an image of amber unknown. The exhibition at the Polish Museum in Raspell was organised with help of: Zenon Śmigel, the Amber Museum in Warsaw, the Amber Museum in Gdansk, the Malbork Castle Museum, the Archaeological Museum in Gdansk, the Museum in Aathal (Switzerland) and the IAA, which provided short movies about amber (thanks to First Stone company from Helsinki), photos, publications and contemporary exhibits. The vernissage was held at 6pm, on 6th of May; guests were greeted by Anna Buchmann the director of the Museum. Opening was accompanied by the lecturer of dr Thomasa Bolliger from Muzeum in Aathal. Lech Antonio Uszyński, playing Stradivarius violin, provided the musical atmosphere. Among the guests visiting the opening of the exhibition was the Polish ambassador in Bern Jakub Kumoch and the first secretary Joanna Kułakowska-Kumoch. The exhibition, apart from presenting the history of amber - its various forms and healing properties, will present contemporary art and jewellery made of amber. This section will show artists associated with the IAA and our members. Exhibits were specially selected as the best Polish design. Most of them are objects awarded in recent years and presented at various exhibitions. The exhibition of the contemporary jewellery is showcasing 39 objects of the 19 designers, along with the photographs from two previous exhibitions organized in the IAA Gallery. The exhibition of jewellery and photographs is beautifully situated on the 4th floor of the 12th century castle tower. Designers of the jewellery: Dariusz Zarański, Dorota Cenecka, Eva Stone - Ewa Kurzynka Jacek Ostrowski, Jarosław Westermark, Ireneusz Glaza, Marcin Tymiński Maria Fijałkowska Mariusz Gliwiński Norbert Kotwicki, Aleksander Gliwiński, A2 Amber House, Tomasz Kargul, Art7 Kalandyk & Rosenberg, Joanna i Andrzej Kupniewscy, Jarosław Koźmiański, Marcin Gronkowski, Paweł Kaczyński, Andrzej Adamski. Photo: Sławomir Fijałkowski and S & A, Jacek Ostrowski, Joanna and Andrzej Kupniewscy NAC Amber Dorota Kos, Maria Fijałkowska, Dorota Cenecka Paulina Binek, Marta Włodarska.

Polish Museum in Rapperswil : https://www.muzeum-polskie.org/

Photo. Piotr Sadowski ( www.pb-studio.pl )

Jewellery by Pawel Kaczynski Jewellery by Andrzej Adamski