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"Coloured Amber" - Colouring bookk not only for kids

International Amber Association has prepared a new release. This time it is devoted especially for children -the colouring book “ Coloured Amber”.

Most commonly the promotion of amber is addressed mostly to adults. Especially those who has previously bought the amber jewellery. However, there is a gap in the field of publications addressed to the younger generation, the one showcasing amber as a phenomenon of the culture and people living in Central Europe, a trap of time for delicate insects or a beautiful remembrance from holidays. That is why the author of the latest IAA publication - Agnieszka Klikowicz-Kosior came up with the idea of the colouring book intended for children and their parents.

The illustrations are presenting the most interesting facts related to amber, which force children to read, contemplate and ask questions like: Where did the amber come from? What kind of organisms were found in amber in the form of inclusions? How did people have fished amber before and how it is done today?

We can inspire children with knowledge about amber thanks to: the drawings by Agnieszki Dmitruczuk – Dymi.Lab, technical assistance by Dr. Anna Sobecka, Dr. Elżbieta Sontag and Eryk Popkiewicz, tests on children (and parents) and the funding from the publishing competition of the Pomeranian Regional Tourist Organization and from the private collector From Singapore.

Format: 210x210, 12 colouring pages (amber forest, inclusions, amber fishing, amber workshop, amber ornaments, designing the necklace).

Language: Polish / English and English / Chinese. Available for purchase in the IAA.

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