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Jewellery market in Sweden

The Precious Stockholm Nordic Watch and Jewellery Fair 2016


Swedish designers are receiving more attention and support from the industry. The Precious Stockholm Nordic Watch & Jewellery Fair is growing in terms of number of both local and international exhibitors on an annual basis. Furthermore, Swedish Fashion Talents, a project run by the Swedish Fashion Council, aims to help new designers become established in the industry. In 2016, Swedish Fashion Talents created a new category, specifically focusing on accessories, with all the winners that year being jewellery designers. The designer Efva Attling has inspired new emerging brands with her international success, paving the way for an increased focus on local brands.

Competitive Landscape

Iduna continued to lead jewellery in 2016 with a value share of 19%. The company benefits from operating the large retail chains Albrekts Guld, Hallbergs Guld and Guldfynd, which have a nationwide and longstanding presence in the Swedish market.


Fashion houses are projected to increase their focus on jewellery over the forecast period. Gucci paved the way for this development by focusing on social media to make consumers aware of its products. Simultaneously, the company has also focused on design, offering larger and more stylish jewellery in line with its apparel and bags. Other fashion houses such as Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Dior, Jean Paul Gaultier and Givenchy are looking into expanding their jewellery collections. However, as these brands do not offer minimalistic designs in jewellery and are positioned in the luxury segment, their success in Sweden is likely to be relatively limited.


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